Anna Bogh      


Anna is driven by her desire to create for the people to inspire them to pursue a happier life through Fine Art.

She changed her life course and crossed the ocean to find the American Dream.

Since childhood, Anna was involved in art. Her paintings are rooted in realism and impressionism. She experimented with many different mediums and techniques and settled on acrylic.
Her art collection has come together thanks in big part to the Art Events that she held for the Russian speaking community with a desire to help them connect and integrate with new life changes.

Anna is a mostly self-taught artist who is in constant development. She is studying new creative directions and believes that constant improvement and change are the building blocks of personality.

A gallery statement:
"The Luxurious, cheerful world of images in Anna's works extend - from the bright landscapes, living still lives, colorful flower gardens to romantic female images. Anna's paintings are distinguished by the sincerity of their style with a subtle sense of color".

Anna Bogh artist invites to virtual House of Arts. Acrylic medium workshops. Portrait painting commissions. Digital print design on fabric for Amazon sale. Shop. San Diego, Pittsburgh

Anna works with acrylic, ink, watercolor, oil pastel, and recently dove into digital drawing (portraits, landscapes, still life, animals) 

​open for commissions

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