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10k Pixels of Cats


  Digital art project for the NFTs


Anna Bogh






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What is my NFT project?

NFT - a non-fungible token - a digital file whose unique identity and ownership are verified on a blockchain.

Me - award-winning multi-medium artist.

After the lockdown began, digital art became my main creative platform. Why Cats? Leonardo Da Vinci supposedly said that “the smallest feline is a masterpiece.” Cats are a huge universal base for my art. I found a way to offer my unique voice, my point of view by selecting the Сat as the main role. Lubok style came to me from my culture. My cats are kind, peaceful, and radiates happiness.

Be the only holder of the unique, certified, signed by me, and forever recorded on the blockchain digital artwork. As part of the purchase, you will be able to decide what the next cat would be. I am planning to release 10 unique digital cats every 14 days.

I'm starting this project with the "Musicat"
We are feeding our souls with the music.
Cat is happy by playing with the birds and mice.

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