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High-Quality Print On Canvas available in

Length/Depth: 1.50 in

Width: 16 in Height: 16 in

Width: 30 in Height: 30 in

Free Shipping 5-7 days or pick up in San Diego from House of Arts.

Flower Connection artwork the first place winner of the San Diego Children's Discovery Mural Competition 2020. Artist's Statement: "Felines and Flowers represent the unity of Flora and Fauna. Mother Cat, like Mother Earth - radiates warmth and love and shows that we are all connected by the same laws of nature. The Kitten, a child of nature, symbolizes humanity absorbing the life-giving energy of the Earth. You can see warmth, joy, and love in their emotions. They are close to each other, united by blood as a Mother and a Child. This work attracts everyone with brightness and kindness."

Print on canvas

PriceFrom $170.00
Excluding Sales Tax
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