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Updated: May 25, 2020

Hello dear friends!

If you could take a moment and vote, I’m a finalist for the San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum billboard competition. Click here to vote for my entry titled "Flower Connection". This work has been shortlisted for @San Diego Children’s Discovery Museum’s #JoyOfBeingOutside billboard competition! The top two artworks will go up a 16-by-20-feet mural and I need your vote to win! Voting closes June 10th, you can vote once a day!!

A lot of interesting stories jump at us from this painting. Felines and Flowers represent the unity of Flora and Fauna. Mother Cat, like Mother Earth - radiates warmth and love and shows that we are all connected by the same laws of nature. The Kitten, a child of nature, symbolizes humanity absorbing the life-giving energy of the Earth. You can see warmth, joy, and love in their emotions. They are close to each other, united by blood as a Mother and a Child. This work attracts children with brightness and kindness.

Please feel free to download a coloring book of the painting below

Flower Connection
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Flower Connection

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