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Anna Bogh      


Anna is a Russian-born artist who moved to the United States in 2011. She is motivated by a desire to create art that inspires people to pursue a happier life. Anna has been involved in art since childhood and has experimented with many different mediums and techniques. She settled on acrylic and her art collection has come together thanks in large part to the Art Events that she holds for the Russian-speaking community. Anna is in constant development, studying new creative directions and believing that constant improvement is the building material of personality. Her paintings are bright and colorful, reflecting kindness and love. Anna creates beautiful portraits, landscapes, still lifes, and animals using acrylic, ink, watercolor, oil pastel, and digital drawing. She is open for commissions. Portfolio

In June 2020, Anna's artwork "Flower Connection" won the San Diego Children's Discovery Museum Mural Competition.

The competition theme was "The Joy of being outside". Against the backdrop of the hard worldwide pandemic period the artwork "Flower Connection" symbolically called on the world to preserve love and take care of loved ones with an extra effort. People from more than 15 countries took part in the voting.


In her artist’s statement, Anna says, “Felines and Flowers represent the unity of Flora and Fauna. Mother Cat, like Mother Earth – radiates warmth and love and shows that we are all connected by the same laws of nature. The Kitten, a child of nature, symbolizes humanity absorbing the life-giving energy of the Earth.”


Anna Bogh artist invites to virtual House of Arts. Acrylic medium workshops. Portrait painting commissions. Digital print design on fabric for Amazon sale. Shop. San Diego, Pittsburgh


A gallery statement: "The Luxurious, cheerful world of images in Anna's works extends - from the bright landscapes, living still lives, colorful flower gardens to romantic female images. Anna's paintings are distinguished by the sincerity of their style with a subtle sense of color".


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